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Vehicle Repair Unit - Part Time Unit


Part time fee levying programmes are conducted at the institute after normal working hours and on week ends.
These skill upgrading training programmes are designed specifically for those who are employed in the Automobile industry and will be catered to all levels of employees from Senior Manager level to semi-skilled craftsman level.


Our Objectives:

:: To Under take repair and services of vehicles
:: To provide services and technical expertise in the field of Automobile Engineering.
:: To provide on the job training facilities to the A.E.T.I. trainees.
:: To provide job opportunities for A.E.T.I. passed out trainees.

Our Services :

:: Carrying out  repairs and services of  vehicles.
:: Providing services to various organization to measure  vehicle specification.
:: Carrying out various test such as emission, smoke , power etc. for vehicles.
:: Providing services and technical expertise for tender board in the field of automobile engineering.
:: Carrying out scrutinizing programmes for various sports club.