Diesel Injection Pump Service & Inspection

Course Code       AMP/03

Duration      10 Days (80 Hours)

Number of Applicants    10

Course fee    


  • Construction and operation of Diesel fuel system
  • Disassembly of In line injection pump Construction and operation on In line injection pump 
  • Reassembly of In line injection pump In line pump testing                 

                           a. Injection timing ( phasing )

                           b. Delivery quantity (calibration)

                           c. Governor setting (mechanical, pneumatic , combined )

  • Disassembly of Distributor pump Construction and operation of distributor pump         
  • Reassembly of Distributor pump Distributor pump testing                 

                            a. Delivery quantity   

                            b. Pressure and timer setting   

                            c. Governor setting     

  • Feed pump testing ( plunger type) Construction and operation of automatic times           
  • Troubleshooting procures and safety precaution
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